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MSN1.0 Icon MSN Messenger
MSN1.0 Messenger Service
MSN Messenger
MSN Messenger Service main window
Developed byMicrosoft
BuildBuild 0863
Date1999-22-07; 6830 days ago[1][2]
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size323KB (331,200 bytes)
File typeEXE
TypeInstant messaging client

MSN Messenger 1.0.0863 is the first public release of the MSN Messenger Service client, which was available for free online download on the midnight of July 22, 1999. The client was released simultaneously in the English, French, German, and Japanese languages.[3]

File details Edit

Product name: MSN Messenger Service
Product version: 1.0
Filename: mmssetup.exe[4]
File type: Application (.exe)
File size: 323 KB (331,200 bytes)
File description: Self Extracting MSN Messenger Service 1.0
File version: 4.71.1015.0
Copyright: Copyright © Microsoft Corporation 1997-99

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CRC32: 067EF0FE
HAVAL: 32485F73DD9BF92694C3DC78B1E4CFC63CBA15D081FCC5CB0A7D4A6B41B0937B
MD2: C2BB80B73FEE5D5231051DE26A047822
MD4: F646172A7C2205AAD3AC3D986FEFF34F
MD5: 572790A5500B283088C841CDE0FF2D05
RIPEMD-128: 3D87DB99215BF44AF9B7AB5A296D1272
RIPEMD-256: 432AED989F89CF7F3C6ED1F3DCD413F9D24C0769A5F5BEE4181127307C8C87DD
RIPEMD-320: 41AE5224C0791C35375F6AB723859C91F2986B408E4E263C527B2B9D8ED8005AD6A24CDE83B6125E
SHA-1: 358E89E41B900C4167DC786CF9C4D1707FB87B09
SHA-512: FF3877A07C31CD7297CD80A470AFF827B8D333E8F545401A702DBCF871AC4440C4024DE0CD109DA71292772F1F97124CBA787710FE971EE63567DC6F03D43FEC
Tiger: 353F8370268D300D58225AB3CF8E46362EDC567CE9E93077
Whirlpool: 3F8F5B54941B891D60AEAE4A26F400F490E9A607467491F8D40108485EF43BC3ED192AFCADBF482361DED32A052C8F6A553E0E0A6BB690A23773A4B562831BF8

Features Edit

  • Instant messaging between MSN Hotmail users and AOL Instant Messenger users
  • Automatic notification upon receiving new MSN Hotmail messages
  • One-click access to MSN Hotmail inbox
  • Searchable contacts through an intuitive, easy-to-use wizard interface
  • Interoperablilty and integration with communications tools such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, Outlook Express 5, MSN Hotmail, and NetMeeting

Release notes Edit

  • First release of MSN Messenger

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