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MSN Messenger 5.0.0544 Icon MSN Messenger
MSN Messenger 4.6.0076 Banner
MSN Messenger 6.1.0202
MSN Messenger main window
Developed byMicrosoft
BuildBuild 0137
Date2004-06-09; 5523 days ago[1]
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size5.00MB (5,245,352 bytes)
File typeEXE
TypeInstant messaging client

MSN Messenger 6.2.0137 installer file has a size of 5.00 MB (5,245,352 bytes).

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Product name: Microsoft® Windows NT® Operating System
Product version: 4.71.1015.0
Filename: N/A
File type: Application (.exe)
File size: 5.00 MB (5,245,352 bytes)
File description: Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor
File version: 4.71.1015.0
Copyright: Copyright © Microsoft Corp. 1995

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HAVAL: 4B2CAAC2044226AA4DC76215BF4E3B3B5B0A23210899D1AD8AA0A16C03C36AB4
MD2: ACF8A1D62129ED25BE83E076F4FBB3D4
MD4: 0CA0477EDCF03895D0B8C24F5EB72754
MD5: A7200E1B0316E616AC68BDEAEB0FDAB7
RIPEMD-128: AE1B4632BBDB85E05B980F539FA5675F
RIPEMD-256: 029201E0768FF41671A083EFFC073523ACA421A08F4F4DE34A0CBA2C6BECFAB4
RIPEMD-320: 51A04715D94FD4F33B117B734A841381D35EA49E5B4D4B22E9879EB83A0FC575517B732951B38F88
SHA-1: B7642B30449F48F24B21AD67757C2AAD62E74B48
SHA-512: A255145EB673D58D3A5B0A54FE14C300D232F25C84328AF2F6CFA67AE8B6E6D50CB5A589DC53BD363781FE9F2577E7184CA6CDBF84B24144C552845102303DB9
Tiger: DB2B2036B488F7953025CA1E507666F813BB1FC20B414C01
Whirlpool: 058F00BA7D0DFB055B71B6C124B9336F992849B3337A61B9C589B9FF589E77C4849C835817A8A65045DCBFD3D47C37465774615DFF99549128563725A93FE7B3

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  • Messaging

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