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MySpaceIM Beta Icon MySpaceIM
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MySpaceIM 1.0.366.0 Beta
MySpaceIM main window
Developed byMySpace
BuildBuild 366.0
Preview release1.0.366.0
Preview TypeBeta
Date2006-08-05; 4612 days ago[1]
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size4.07MB (4,273,152 bytes)
File typeMSI
TypeInstant messaging client

MySpaceIM 1.0.366.0 Beta installer file has a size of 4.07 MB (4,273,152 bytes).

File details Edit

Product name: N/A
Product version: N/A
Filename: MSIMClientSetup.1.0.366.0.msi[2]
File type: Windows Installer Package (.msi)
File size: 4.07 MB (4,273,152 bytes)
File description: N/A
File version: N/A
Copyright: N/A

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CRC32: 886C55DD
HAVAL: 332B89F08A10831ECAEAC3B59D9168A3AEF9F832026011787C5527287DB999C5
MD2: 1C42DC1A9243F63CAD374981D938F276
MD4: 937D09140ADBA44745F23E4032F5E63E
MD5: A30868895DF31D552B0EDACC27419D84
RIPEMD-128: 8A18CB1B3E5A520836AFF51419E1C09F
RIPEMD-256: 48754E1B6946EE7AD002B048B34C61E7E79D40387681DA9DB56F10DFCC009B90
RIPEMD-320: 69811267CAC6316F0A2E2C888A46F9E8EA9D4B57E246CA48FE70A746AC16E4DB42BA84B62E36F4E2
SHA-1: 8EBA65E61E15B0DE2169249C684E71FD9A9B33E1
SHA-512: 4F61EAC9968E0DDF51081A14A2979E9F4BFC84B3F12F01A237029B0AAB144E91F05340C055DE9EEFDEFFC21FC4D5C1B395C9B5E0753EF010A69B520CE6D5C829
Tiger: 6A4682F8CF6858783B6038046ADF0D4529A6FA16CB36754F
Whirlpool: DCAC91F61AC5E6C5324F70A09E7F6FC0E639518F83BA457E2B25B8BE69A300BFA442FA7BE97FEDAF32EBEB7D892500A13D70ACD9F1F69DF35E362E01A1AF18FA

Features Edit

  • Basic instant messaging to other MySpace users
  • Shortcuts to features and profiles
  • Imports friends from MySpace into your contacts list in MySpaceIM
  • Instant alerts for all requests, messages, and comments
  • Integrated music player, which plays your friends' profile songs
  • Switchable conversation views, such as: traditional IM, with pictures, or with cartoon-like balloons
  • Skinnable interface
  • Shareable custom backgrounds in message windows
  • Built-in avatar picture cropping
  • Custom emoticons
  • Custom "Zaps" (Zaps are a combination of a sound bite, picture, and/or words.)

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Change logs Edit

  • 0924 - Feature - Allow users to pick whether they display any particular contact as username or display name
  • 2425 - Feature - Skin Change on-the-fly
  • 2397 - Feature - Easy Invite to MySpaceIM
  • 2445 - Ad - New embedded video falls out of the designated add area on windows XP skin.
  • 2514 - Add A Contact - The "Username or email:" field should trim spaces around (left and right) entered text.
  • 2274 - Add A New Group Dialog - Can Create a group with a blank (i.e. a single space is a valid group name.)
  • 2473 - Contact List - Client incorrectly displaying "connection lost" when user is logged in from different location.
  • 2527 - Contact List - Video Ad Unit disappears after changing skin.
  • 2057 - Preferences - My IM Name Not functioning correctly
  • 2435 - Preferences - Privacy Block List - Can contain multiple blocked contacts
  • 2439 - Related to work item 2435 - MW crashes the application (Exception.)
  • 2516 - Related to work item 2514 - Add a Contact - spaces should not be sent to the backend for validation.
  • 2515 - Related to work item 2514 - Send IM dialog - The "Member:" field should trim spaces around (left and right) processing text.
  • 2517 - Related to work item 2516 - Send IM dialog - spaces should not be sent to the backend for validation.
  • 0850 - Rich Text / Message Window - When a user highlights their text in the IM window and then clicks any style to change the color, the text style will not change until they type new text.

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