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MySpaceIM Beta Icon MySpaceIM
MySpaceIM Beta Logo
MySpaceIM 1.0.529.0 Beta
MySpaceIM main window
Developed byMySpace
BuildBuild 595.0
Preview release1.0.595.0
Preview TypeBeta
Date2007-01-11; 4548 days ago?
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size2.96MB (3,112,792 bytes)
File typeEXE
TypeInstant messaging client

MySpaceIM 1.0.595.0 Beta installer file has a size of 2.96 MB (3,112,792 bytes).

File details Edit

Product name: MySpaceIM
Product version: N/A
Filename: MSIMClientSetup.1.0.595.0-static.exe[1]
File type: Application (.exe)
File size: 2.96 MB (3,112,792 bytes)
File description: MySpace
File version: 1.0.595.0
Copyright: MySpace Inc.
Legal trademarks: This Application is a trademark of MySpace Inc.

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CRC32: 622B4CB1
HAVAL: 87C1F6859F3C0E417C5B488B93E0B14E50BA93128E1D25056F507FA1D5DCABFE
MD2: 5CE706A94A1195B6FAFF98B5AF73D43A
MD4: 5471609F6C953311B5F3F82F225EC3BB
MD5: C867AB65BF9685543EA813CB7B2BA362
RIPEMD-128: 1409F934B28D1EFE7C4DE9E24CB6F49A
RIPEMD-256: 5AF246303DEF827148378CF5885BE70A80372C96604213746073B006167127E4
RIPEMD-320: 128C986A98148417B21FAF32863949722B4D31882A68CF454AE0EAC7E44AAF9F555E1474C71D7F8D
SHA-1: 2AD3C0A0AAD3846DB61BFF0F342580FA3C57CD91
SHA-512: B83E16E812CFB162E6E820D4361BA441D19B233752DED5AFAF278DF3D74D211AF30D8C3BA1301B28DDF0374A2E920DDACA659938A46BE45F400968338CAFA18C
Tiger: 37AC16C8AEFE1006FC05F4FB9F384445B3C71AC42B801628
Whirlpool: 4F10A4B33B5249A7D09E3F7C8D4F124521EBF20B0D987DE7AA8B15474570CF8288F6BE21B04A59AD97D016AD02128B047DA2FB4ED40A0F450B992F6ED4ECE24B

Features Edit

  • Basic instant messaging to other MySpace users
  • Shortcuts to features and profiles
  • Imports friends from MySpace into your contacts list in MySpaceIM
  • Instant alerts for all requests, messages, and comments
  • Integrated music player, which plays your friends' profile songs
  • Switchable conversation views, such as: traditional IM, with pictures, or with cartoon-like balloons
  • Skinnable interface
  • Shareable custom backgrounds in message windows
  • Built-in avatar picture cropping
  • Custom emoticons
  • Custom "Zaps" (Zaps are a combination of a sound bite, picture, and/or words.)

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