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Windows Live Messenger 2009 14.0.8050.1202
Windows Live Messenger main window
Developed byMicrosoft
BuildBuild 14.0.8050.1202
Release2009 Build 14.0.8050.1202 / 2009-01-07; 3725 days ago[1][2]
Preview release2009 Build 14.0.8050.1202 / 2008-12-15; 3748 days ago[3][2]
Preview TypeRelease Candidate
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size24.0MB (25,253,376 bytes)
File typeMSI
TypeInstant messaging client

Windows Live Messenger 2009 Build 14.0.8050.1202 installer file has a size of 24.0 MB (25,253,376 bytes).

This build was first released as a Release Candidate on December 15, 2008. However, on January 7, 2009, it was later repackaged as the final version without any changes to the software or build number.[2]

File details Edit

Product name: N/A
Product version: N/A
Filename: Messenger.msi
File type: Windows Installer Package (.msi)
File size: 24.0 MB (25,253,376 bytes)
File description: N/A
File version: N/A
Copyright: N/A

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CRC32: 0A1EAF55
HAVAL: 1985D663218927043D6213CEF5261A5FD3EB8EC396B4B395F4A702ED75725455
MD2: CD75C9C6AB6C0F54E73FFF5C1C0E1225
MD4: EB803D4CE0F70F45687C70948E908004
MD5: 05EFD466A678F2075587947E10CD4578
RIPEMD-128: 0E7B6EBB127E4B1686B7EF2D32A60F05
RIPEMD-256: 9EE69EA7A482E9B145DB1C21F5E69246E07F32DBECBF38EA49F3ECE4D083A28D
RIPEMD-320: 22ADB91F73123737D20E7233AB672FFEDBFEF6FEA23211987EE15FAD294236F6B7A1C96DA874F3AB
SHA-1: 1C3E89407FEBB04223FE908C70D0E63443A4EDF1
SHA-512: 6E26DA0560C8E28555FEC8BAF66DEB6CA59ED4D7EE9517E27C371FE67862CEF271E07F9FEF3BE2C582D25E4CBCF673821B5DBDE785E84EA48B6B361C8DD4B95F
Tiger: 7FEEDFEBF3EE4324EDB048BA49B85713556F07D7E5A638AB
Whirlpool: 1FDAC84FBA9DB3F7BC865F9A5F6C737881B217628279FB1D46958450E15C75EEE5EA6FDCF90182E2CC94605C9985A66613475059715E919CF54E9E03470F27AC

Features Edit

  • Messaging
  • Voice calling
    • This feature will let users who sign up for Windows Live Call to easily call landline and mobile phones. You will be able to set up a Windows Live phone call account through the Messenger interface and start making calls within minutes. You will be able to purchase minutes upfront, then add minutes when your balance runs low. One of the great things about this will be the affordable domestic and international calls you will be able to make.
    • You will still be able to make PC-to-PC calls for free, with no need to sign up for a Windows Live Call account, so long as you and your Messenger contact both have compatible speakers and microphones (or headsets).
  • Sharing Folders
    • Sharing Folders will be a new and simple way for you to share personal photos, documents, and files with your Messenger contacts. You will be able to create a Sharing Folder by simply dragging files onto a contact name in Messenger. This will create an exact copy of the files on both you and your contact's computers, and create a Sharing Folder that can be accessed from Messenger, and on the desktop.
    • Sharing Folders will be easier than e-mail for sharing photos and documents. In a Sharing Folder, any time a file in the folder is added, modified, or deleted, those changes will be synchronized with the person you’re sharing with. The Sharing File icon in Messenger will also show you a gleam on a contact so you will know when a Sharing File has been updated. And it’s a simple drag-and-drop to share files, even simpler than the "send file" and "save as" functions you are already familiar with in Messenger.
    • Sharing Folders will work pretty much like the PC folder experience you already know, so it will make sense right away. Just like in Windows, you will be able to drag-and-drop, get different views of files, copy, paste, etc. You will be able to access a Sharing Folder from your desktop, to manage files whether online or offline. A Sharing Folder requires virtually zero setup or configuration, and efficiently handles file synchronization without any fuss.

Release notes Edit

Change logs Edit

  • User interface has been updated, including the toasts
  • Sign-in screen has been restyled
  • New program and tray icon
  • Updated e-mail icon showing the number of new e-mails more clearly
  • Updated Group window header
  • SkyDrive officially replaces sharing folders feature (Actions > View your online files)
  • Expanded What's new area shows more details (eg. complete Tweets, added pictures, etc.) and Post a note has been updated for some items
  • What's new per contact in conversation window
  • You cannot choose your own signature sound any longer. You can only assign signature sounds to your contacts.
  • Webcam snapshot has been renamed to Webcam Picture
  • Tile with moods has been renamed to Dynamic Picture
  • Modify moods, videos and/or pictures of previously made Dynamic Pictures
  • Change scene option added to status dropdown list
  • More default Scenes
  • Updated and new static/animated display pictures featuring the Messenger buddy, Morty, and Daisy
  • Windows 7 Jumplists
  • Save pictures presented through PhotoShare (Previous photo / Next photo / Save photo)
  • What's new list options accessible through an icon next to What's new header, or from a button in Options > Layout
  • Over 200 bug fixes including the "Custom Emoticon Bug"

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